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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Welcome. This blog is about Christianity and the world in general, as I see it, I repeat again, as I see it! Religion is an extremely passionate subject amongst humanity, those that believe in something, those that don't and the endless views among even them. This blog is just my understanding of life and what Christianity means to me. I know my views may bring forth many comments, positive or negative, from both sides of the spectrum, but I don't intend to get into any great debates over them, unless I think they are worth getting into. If they are rude, I'll just delete them.
Many major views or beliefs of life are entrenched in people and will take a lot to change them, often we are scared to change them, it upsets our world as we see it. Also we can waste our whole lives arguing over small things, creating divisions especially in our own religion, small things that mean very little at the end. I don't intend to argue over things, just write as I see them.

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